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Memorial Day

Memorial Day Crafts

Memorial Day Windsocks

Need: Blue Construction Paper, Flat Sponges (the kind after you put them in water raise up to a regular sponge), Paint, Cookie Cutter in the shape of a star, Red Crepe Streamers, White Crepe Streamers, Clear Contact Paper, String or Yarn

Directions: Cut out star shapes on the sponges. Then put them in water to make them regular size. Glue a 35 mm canister to one end of the sponge. This will keep the paint off the children's hands. Dip the star shaped sponge in white paint and then onto the construction paper. If you do not want to use the sponges you could use the star shaped cookie cutters instead. When dry you can add contact paper so that you can put it outside but I found the crepe paper runs in the rain and doesn't look good. (You can try it) Fold the blue construction paper into a cylinder and staple together Then add the red and white streamers. A very patriotic symbol for Memorial Day.
Memorial Day Flag

Trace a flag onto a piece of white construction paper. Tape yarn onto craft sticks. Let the children dip the yarn in the red paint (holding craft stick in their hand and drag yarn across the flag outlines. Makes great stripes! Add stick on stars. Display for the 4th of July, or Flag Day!

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